Career coaching

Escher, M.C. (1940). Metamorphosis II.

About me


I partner with professionals to build careers that are meaningful to them, connected to who they are.

I am a researcher in Artificial Intelligence with 20 years of experience in tech multinationals and academia. I have lived (and survived) crises, career shifts, promotions, corporate restructurings, and layoffs. I know the challenges of working in a foreign country and adapting to a new culture. I have also learned to be a parent and set boundaries so that my work does not take over my life. I have been through the ups and downs of a career in the tech industry, learning how to navigate and thrive through them.

In this path I found my answers. My role as your coach is to help you finding your answers.

I was trained by the Co-active Training Institute (CTI). I am an internal coach for my company, and I also coach external clients.

I speak English, Spanish, French, and Catalan.

To arrange a free consultation and tell me about your goals, please email me to:

My coaching principles

My coaching style is grounded in four key principles that will guide our journey together.


My coachee’s values are the foundation on which we build their goals and their vision for the future. Values help us to define what is important for them, and they provide a compass to guide their decisions and actions. I help my coachees to identify their values and to make sure that their actions are consistent with their values and their priorities.


The essence of our coaching relationship is grounded in co-creation. This means we collaborate closely to tailor strategies and solutions that uniquely fit my coachees needs. I bring my expertise and insights to the table, while you bring your unique experiences and perspectives. Our sessions will be interactive and dynamic, encouraging an open dialogue. This collaborative approach ensures that the insights and actions developed are deeply personalized, ensuring that they are not just effective but also meaningful and sustainable for the coachee.


Accountability is a key pillar of our coaching engagement. I am committed to holding my coachees accountable to the goals we set together, providing a balanced mix of support and challenge. This involves regular check-ins, constructive feedback, and encouragement to stay on track. My role is to be a catalyst for their commitment and a support system for their journey, helping them navigate through obstacles and stay focused on their desired outcomes. This consistent accountability framework fosters progress and facilitates real change.

Ambition (and exponential growth)

I challenge my coachees to think big. I help them crafting a vision for their future that is both inspiring and achievable, and that deeply resonate with their values and their priorities, setting the stage for a transformative experience. Our journey involves uncovering their potential, leveraging their strengths, and confronting any barriers that might be hindering their progress. I like make my coaches dream of exponential growth (you can read my digression on exponential growth)

What my coachees say

PAULINA WALLEM Senior Account Strategist

"Alberto has been an outstanding coach for me, and his impact on my professional and personal growth has been invaluable. His patience is a standout quality, he takes the time to guide and support without any hint of haste. His exceptional listening skills create an open and understanding space, where I feel heard and valued. His empathy is particularly noteworthy, he provides support without pitying me, fostering an environment of genuine encouragement. Alberto's strategies and tactics have been instrumental in my development. He shares insights that effective but also tailored to my unique strengths and challenges. Alberto's coaching goes beyond the basics; it's a personalized journey that has significantly contributed to my success and confidence in my role and in myself as an individual."


"I'm an IT Ops Manager with 15+ years of experience in IT. I'm very organized and very used to work in a very dynamic and challenging environment. I was very new to the idea of coaching and to be 100% honest, quite sceptical at first! Coaching sessions with Alberto were very enjoyable and professional. Alberto quickly helped me to understand the idea behind coaching as well as assuring I benefit from the experience. The sessions were tailored for my needs and I've got insight into interesting methodologies I was not previously familiar with. The sessions helped me to structure my work calendar better, tighten my organization and prioritization allowing for a better work balance, and to adjust my approach to learning and development for a better chance of success."